On the hills of San Martino Buon Albergo, is Tenuta Musella, one of the most beautiful and self-contained estates of the Veneto region. Rich in forests, waters, specialized crops, ancient courts and little churches, farming estates and houses, it appears as a net of roads and terrains, all within a single, completely fenced body, with the splendid aristocratic Villa, dating from the seventeenth century, at the centre of its secular park.

The oldest sources on the family of the counts Muselli, presumably the first proprietors of the Tenuta, date from the sixteenth century, but it is not until the second half on the nineteenth century that one hears about the winemaking tradition of the area, inaugurated by the inspired and enthusiastic Cesare Trezza di Musella. He introduced innovative systems for planting and growing vineyards, thus initiating what was to become a major activity for the Tenuta. In 1990 the Tenuta loses its original unity, and in 1995 our winery purchases all the vineyards and the structures that we eventually restored and converted into our cellars, offices and agriturismo bed and breakfast.

The ancient winemaking tradition and the peculiar vocation of the terrains encouraged us to recuperate with enthusiasm the winemaking activity of this area, and to lead it with devotion, professionalism and constant technological amelioration to high quality levels.

Bardolino Rosso 2010
Valpolicella 2011
Valpolicella Ripasso 2010
Amarone 2008
Corvina Veronese 2007

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