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Currently Lupi vinifies the grapes DOC of the Ponente Ligurian: the two white Pigato and Vermentino and the two red Ormeasco and Rossese. The brothers Lupi have also resumed planting of the olive groves of family, previously abandoned, placing side by side to the production of a quality wine that of a excellent extravirgin oil, obtained from olives of the prestigious Taggiasca variety . At the end of the '80s the Company has carried out important investments for the acquisition of 10 hectares of vineyard, recovery and the reactivation of the old oil mill of Pieve di Teco and the construction of a new cellar in Soldano, in the heart of the area of producing the best Rossese. In 1987, in fifteen years from the first DOC of Liguria - the Rossese di Dolceacqua - the administration public has recognized the importance sub-fund's enologico, attributing the Denominazione d'Origine Controllata to the Pigato, to the Vermentino and Ormeasco.

Rooted in the wine-growing tradition of a land difficult and yet rich, the Lupi has not given up to research and to experimentation. The meeting, in 1988, with the famous oenologist Donato Lanati has so given startup at a happy collaboration, from which was born on Vignamare. Part of the same philosophy that has always guided the steps of the Lupi, the replacement in 2004 of the chain of bottling, joined to the choice of a new closure, alternative to the cork; all this to offer a product to the consumer with the same promises qualitative present at the the time of bottling. During the last decade, the Company has acquired new energies with the entry of Tiziana, Massimo and Fabio, sons of Tommaso and Giuliana.

Holding firm the believe that quality is born in the vineyard, future efforts have turned to the acquisition of other vineyards, especially in the area Ormeasco, which has become in 2004 designation of origin exclusive, linked to the grape variety, and to limited territory: that of Pornassio. Always to try to preserve and make the most of what that the vineyard each vintage there delivery, we have decided since 2004 to commercialize our wines with cap alternative highly technological. The experimentation of the same is begun 6 years ago, and the results a strict protocol have convinced us to marry this new cap product from the Guala Seals.

Pigato,  Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC 2011
Vermentino,  Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC 2011
Ormeasco di Pornassio DOC 2010
Rossese Dolce Acqua 2010



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