Cantine Menhir

Cantine Menhir, born by an idea of Gaetano Marangelli, is a company that in a short time has become a big reality, flanked by new and important partners.

The winery has its offices in the heart of the Historical Centre of Minervino, an ancient medieval hamlet not far away from the sunny beaches of Otranto and from S. Cesarea’s costs. The lush Salento countryside and the megalithic area rich of dolmen and menhir, the ancient olive groves and vineyard, the ancient farms and the hypogean oil mills are the frame of our winery.

The winery is placed in a charming eighteenth century palace: on the ground floor which is the oldest part you can find our “bottaia” where the vinification process takes place. You can visit a grape fading room too with a technical lab and a tasting corner.
On the first floor visitors will be welcomed by offices in Mediterranean Style and nice rooms.

In this context we produce N° Zero, Quota 29, 9 Menti and all the other fruits of the company. Wines of great structure that express at full our warm soft, full bodied and balanced region.

In order to taste the nectar and the tradition of one of the most picturesque places of Italy, the closest to the East, and admire the dawn and the shape of the neighboring Greece, the winery organizes stays at Casa Pasca, in rooms and suites which overlook a cosy central court, where it is possible to attend a cooking course of Mediterranean food.

Primitivo Quota N 31 2010
Negroamaro Zero 2010
Albanegra 2010
Calamuri 2008

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