Cennatoio is a commercial farm run since 1970 by Leandro, Gabriella and, recently, their son Emiliano Alessi. Despite the passage of the years, however, the property has remained the same, “beautiful to see,” as Cavalcanti said. Cennatoio commands a stupendous view of the Chianti countryside with its hills blanketed by vineyards and olive orchards and dotted by churches, castles and scattered stands of oaks. The special character of the soil, which is gnarly, stony and hard to work, and its exposure to the south, which is ideal for varieties like Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, contribute in decisive fashion to the production of wines that are robust, soft and endowed with the scent of wild fruits.

The premium vineyards at Cennatoio, separated by olive orchards, cover a total of 10 hectares (24.7 acres) and enjoy the south/south-east exposure on the border between Florence and Siena. The word CENNATOIO comes from “CENNO” (gesture): the outpost and prison during the Republic of Florence at the time of the Medici family, called Stinche Alte, were located nearby and people used to make gestures from the courtyard in order to be seen by the soldiers.

The experience and the love of nature gained by Davide Picci (agronomist) let us use only natural fertilizers, avoiding the employment of weed-killers. This prevents damages to the production as well as losses among the bee population that dwells in hives on the border of our proprietary wood, where they produce their fine honey.

CENNATOIO is a Certified Organic Farm. Our cellars contain 300-hectoliter oak barrels and 300 hectoliter French Barrique and Tonneaux as well as cement vats -for fermentation- and, last but not least, the vinsantaia (where barrels of Vin Santo are fermented): they represent the crowning achievement of production and aging of our wines. This is our biggest pride, result of Gabriella Tani and partners Alessandro Germini and Ildegarda Agnelli’s wine art.

In conclusion, the natural endowment of the place is completed with a vinification system that respects the local wine making tradition, employing, at the same time, the most advanced techniques.

We can definitely say that this land, so rich both in ancient traditions and in wine making art, offers a view on the vastness of the Chianti area that perhaps even Homer would describe as the "COLOUR OF THE WINE".

Chianti Classico 2010
Chianti Riserva Gold Label 2009

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