I Giusti & Zanza

We are a little Estate in the north west of Tuscany not far from the sea. Our Estate and vineyards lie in a sunny position upon mellow hills on the left bank of Arno river, just before it reaches the sea. The Estate is situated between Pisa, Livorno and the Tirreno Sea. In this way it benefits of the positive climatic influences of the coast.

In 1995 we started to restore an old Estate called "Scopicci" situated in the north of Tuscany.

In the first time we renewed the vineyards under the supervision of our enologist agronomist Dr. Stefano Chioccioli.

To obtain a great quality of the grapes the new vineyards are designed to perform a low production, our target is to produce less than 1 kg of grapes per plant.

The soil consist of sandy-gravel and clay limestone Hills up to 70% os sand guarantees a good soil drenage and this is together with the brightness of the places, due to the proximity of the coast, are the most important qualities of this site.


DULCAMARA - Cabernet/Merlot - 1° year production 1996

BELCORE - Sangiovese /Merlot - 1° year production 1998

PERBRUNO - Syrah - 1° year production 2003

Perbruno 2008
Dulcamara 2008

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