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Ancient and modern, at the same time


The tradition of Illuminati Wines has been going on for over one hundred and twenty years. Innovation and research abilities have been growing too in the course of time, without forgetting the essential characteristics of homemade products: a genuine and transparent wine, reflecting the territory where it is produced. The knowledgeable art of winemaking combined with the commitment towards experimentation that gets better and better and never settle for anything less than excellence.

The winery is provided with state-of-the-art technology, particularly for vinification. Its three internal caves are completely heat-conditioned and are used for the sparkling wine production process with the classic method, the aging in barriques and Slavonian oak barrels, bottle refining for a period of time ranging between 12 and 18 month.

Research is a continual activity, experimentation taking place in the winery and in the vineyards in order to obtain products which have better quality and finishing, with personality and typicality.

Your vineyard must produce excellent grapes if you want a quality wine: that is why investment is made above all in lands with a high wine-growing potential and special technical solutions are adopted which are essential to obtain excellent results. We start by analysing the soil and arranging the rows to ensure they have the best sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Once quality grapes are obtained, technology and experimentation in the wineries are needed to extract everything the bunches and the individual berries have to offer. Fermentation procedures, temperatures, modern wine-making processes, barrels of different types of oak coming in different sizes, barriques, aging periods, bottle refining. Everything is researched and improved.

One example is the vinification of white grapes: a low temperature (8-10°C) skin contact process has been used for several years as it ensures control over the cold maceration pre-fermentation process. Grape skins are left to macerate in a cold environment which is saturated with nitrogen; this leads to the obtainment of an aromatic extract of the variety of grape used, which enhances its organoleptic and sensorial characteristics.

As far as red wines are concerned, experimentation in viticulture aims at obtaining grapes that have more power, body and a higher concentration, with also sweet, soft and velvety tannins. From the oenological point of view, experimentation includes fermentation at various temperatures (malolactic fermentation), grape pressing that is gentle and causes less damages to grapes, barrel maturation and bottle refining, in order to obtain high value wines.

Costalupo, Controguerra Bianco 2011
Montepulciano Abbruzzo 2010
Montepulciano Abbruzzo Riserva Zanna 2007


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