The vineyards in Apulia are equally distributed in the whole territory: from the mounts of Gargano and the land of Capitanata to the Murge area in the province of Bari and the flat plains of Salento.

Either a high or a low vineyard, the outcome is the same: big bunches, whose red or wine grapes are however fleshy; either table or wine grapes, it is characterized by a superior quality.

The constant lack of water in Apulia, obliges the vines to look for their nourishment to the bottom of the land, and the sun helps them giving a lot of sugar.

Sweet taste for the table, a high-alcohol content for the must becoming wine even before Saint Martin's day.
Travelling along the highways of Apulia, or better, the provincial roads drawing a road network, where the little roads interflow, means visiting the “outdoor museum” of grapes. Slopes, plains and mounts: all of them are characterized by rows, which look like old scars that you can’t hide.

The nectar you obtain has a unique taste: round, distinct, sometimes fruity, but always full-bodied. Looking at that richness from the road, you can understand why every farmer has his own barrel, to broach some unequalled red, white or rosé liquid, because every single wine is different.

The sea contributes, as the sunny hills of Murgia or the hills of the sub-Apennines, the wine produced here transforms every negative thought into a joyful and hearty smile.

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