D'Alfonso del Sordo

In the Coppanetta estate, which is constituted of 25 hectares, there is the center of the farm, where the wine making and bottling wineries are located. In the wine making winery all grapes, grown only on the Gianfelice d’Alfonso del Sordo’s vineyards, are processed after modern techniques.

White wines are made by gently pressing grapes and fermentation occurs at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks using cultured yeasts. Red wines are made from hand harvested grapes, in order to ensure their integrity, removed from the stalks and left macerating for a long time in oak barrels, according to the type of wine processed.

In the bottling cellar vaults, where are the wines to be aged, there are large barrels and oak barriques.
All stages in wine making, from vinification to ageing and bottling are daily checked through tests in the in-house lab.

The D’Alfonso del Sordo farm extends over 120 hectares in San Severo countryside and it is formed by 3 estates: vineyards are on 90 hectares, whereas D.O.P. Olive trees cover the remaining 30 hectares.

In “Coppanetta” estate, where the farm is located, vineyards have got a North facing exposure in a soil of a clay and limestone composition, at some 80 mts. Above sea level and all of them are certified “San Severo D.O.C.” and “I.G.T. Daunia”. Both the white grape types of Trebbiano, White Bombino, Malvasia and the black grape types of Montepulciano and Black Troia Grape are grown here.

Since 2001 the Winery Management has established a mutually cooperation with the University of Foggia, Agricultural Department, supervised by Mr. Luigi Moio, full professor of Enology, at the same University, aiming at upgrading Black Troia Grape, an old native vine, with great wine making future. On the “Cotinone” estate, a few kilometres away from the first one, the White Bombino, Verdeca and Sangiovese varietes certified with the I.G.T. Daunia are grown and until 2002 Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc also. The terrain is a mixture of clay and sand and limestone at approx. 120 metres above sea level, with a North-West exposure.

In the 1999 a new vineyard grown with the traditional Negro Amaro and the international Cabernet - Sauvignon and Merlot has been planted in the “Cappuccini” estate. The vineyard density is 4.200 plants per hectare; the soil, in semi - flat grounds, is of a clay and limestone composition at 90 metres above sea level, with a North-West exposure.

Catapanus Bombino 2010
Casteldrione Uca di Troia 2008

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