Azienda Agricola Monte Zovo

The roots of the company have origins in ancient time.
In 1908 Carlo worked its vine, situated in the heart of the Valpolicella,in Fumane area, where Cottini family has its origin, deferring the millenarian veronese vinaria tradition. To grandfather Carlo succeded his son Raffaello , the forth of seven sons, who turned the familiar vine in his own profession, creating a wine cellar and in 1965 purchasing in Caprino Veronese the estate "Monte Zovo".
When in the 2000 his son Diego Cottini founded the new business brand "MONTE ZOVO" he had a clear purpose in his head: to conserve that tradition, synonym of quality and regard, as truly direct witnesses.

Still today the MONTE ZOVO company is situated in Caprino Veronese in Loc. Zovo, hill from which derives the name of the estate. Currently the company possesses 73 hectares dislocated in two splendid estates, placed in highly vocated area and characterized for the valuable wine production.

On a hill, at 300 meters of altitude, at the shoulders of the Lake Garda and at the slopes of the Monte Baldo, in the zone of BARDOLINO DOC, you can find the estate "MONTE ZOVO" where we select the grapes for the production of "CA' LINVERNO" wine.

On a hill,at 400 meters of altitude, in between of Illasi castle and the Mezzane valley, in the Valpolicella area, you can find instead the estate of PALAZZO MAFFEI, where we select the grapes destined to the important wine production of AMARONE, RECIOTO, VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE and RIPASSO.

The estate takes the name from the Palazzo Maffei build in 1600, that with its 40 hectares of surrounding land should had composed the original country house of the Marchesi Maffei family. In order to reach a prestigious final product,the winemaker Diego Cottini follows personally all the production : before in vine and then in winery.

The company is equipped of the most modern technologies which combined with the experience and the passion of Diego led to elevated character and quality products.

The aging wines happens is carried out in French oak barriques, situated in underground floor of the winery. In this wonderful barricaia the equilibrium between temperature and humidity has been found, necessary elements for the natural maturation of wines.

Bardolino Rosso 2010
Valpolicella 2011
Valpolicella Ripasso 2010
Amarone 2008
Corvina Veronese 2007

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