The cellar of Sant'Anna Arresi Mesa, located in the heart of Sulcis Iglesiente southwest of Sardinia.

Most of the vineyards are located in the territory of Sant'Anna Arresi: 70 hectares of vineyards.

The production consists mainly of Carignano del Sulcis, Vermentino di Sardegna and Cannonau, which are flanked grapes of Chardonnay and Syrah.

Primo Bianco, Vermentino di Sardenga 2011
“Opale” Vermentino di Sardenga 2011
Primo Rosato, Rosé of Carignano 2011
Primo Rosso, Isola dei Nuraghi 2010
Buio Carignano Sulcis 2011
“Buio Buio” Carignano del Sulcis 2009

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