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In 1992, the “Campania” chapter of the prestigious Gambero Rosso “Italian Wine Guide” began by lamenting the closure of our previous wine-making establishment, “ Azienda Agricola Volla”. A small business but one which many a time merited the “two glasses” rating.

The owner's health problems combined with the lack of any descendants ready to take over inevitably led to the regrettable decision. With the help of the new generation, over the last 15 years we have expanded our business through the acquisition of new land and the construction of a modern wine cellar, we have also gained important recognition for our extra virgin olive oil and attracted the attention of one of the greatest wine specialists, Stefano Chioccioli. So let’s get started again. So let’s get started again.

The vineyards are characterized by an high denseness of Stumps per hectare, trained through the spurred cordon system, that supply a moderate production per stumps. The only Vine now cropped by the Firm is the Aglianico, the Ancient Hellenics of Greek origins, of which Orazio has spoken so highly; the Aglianico has been subjected to close Scientific Studies, which have pointed out the best clones that provided excellent results.

When all the components have reached the right ripeness level, Grapes are harvested by hands, and then out in boxes. Then Wine still with its dregs, is put in Barriques where it refines for several months. After it is bottled, the Wine refines itself for other months in bottles, in our cool Cellars.

Our 13 hectares of vineyards are found in Solopaca, in a province of Benevento (Sannio), at a height of between 200 and 300 metres. The soil is clayey, the summers intense and the winters harsh. The vines stretch as far as the eye can see; vine growing is the area's main source of income. Over the years, the vineyards have been progressively replanted by increasing the number of plants per hectare (today there are more than 5000 plants per hectare), selecting the best clones of each variant and heeding the technical advice of Stefano Chioccioli and Marco Pierucci. We decided to bet on our native varieties as we believe it is the peculiarities of a region that are its treasure. Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso varieties of red grapes grown, whilst Greco, Fiano and Falanghina the variety of white grapes.

Preta Falanghina, Sanno DOC
Vento Greco, Sanno DOC
Nembo Fiano, Sanno DOC


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