Tenuta Monteti

Tenuta Monteti is the result of a long nurtured project which I have pursued with great determination. First ideas date back to my youth in the vineyards of northern Italy. But after many years, it is here, in the Tuscan Maremma, in the Capalbio area, that I have found the ideal conditions for producing wines of great quality with their own personality, wines which are the expression of a land that is both picturesque and archaic and are the result of special care and attention to the soil.

Over the last six years we have determinedly used our energies to prepare the land to organize the overall structure and running of the business, and to build the winery. Carlo Ferrini has been at my side from the very beginning.

The Estate


The Tenuta is in a hill area between 100 and 145 meters above sea level. The whole consists of 57 hectares of which 25 are planted with wines, wint an exposure to the south east and south west. The soil has a complex composition. It retains moisture deep down; if necessary a drip fed irrigation system is available. Both the small stones which in the past have been heaped by the sidw of the fields and the gigantic ones excavated during the preparation of the land for planting have been left around the fields. Their primitive aspect contrasts with the neat rows of the vines and is one of the characteristics features of Tenuta Monteti.

Caburnio 2009
Monteti 2006

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