Tenuta Le Querce

The Winery Tenuta Le Querce, is located in the District of Barile (Potenza, Basilicata), nearby the slopes of the Vulture, an ancient volcano, inactive for centuries. The Sunny Climate, the High Altitude and the Volcanic Soil represent a perfect habitat for Wine production.

The Estate, owned by Pietrafesa’s family, has concentrated his activity on the traditional Vine “Aglianico”, raised in this area for more than Two Thousand Years. The Cellar has a new and modern conception: with a surface of Three Thousand Square Meters has been built digging inside tuff layers, deposited by the Volcano within the years.

The arrangement of the spaces is rationalized and functional, so as to allow an even temperature during the whole year, an ideal condition for Wine refinement; moreover the Cellar is made up of the most up to date Technologies and Equipment for the Wine-Making. The Estate has One Hundred Twenty Hectares, of which Seventy have Grape Trees growing on them. A portion of vineyards have been recently planted, and have been properly designed by Academic Researchers, considering the ecosystem of the area.

The vineyards are characterized by an high denseness of Stumps per hectare, trained through the spurred cordon system, that supply a moderate production per stumps. The only Vine now cropped by the Firm is the Aglianico, the Ancient Hellenics of Greek origins, of which Orazio has spoken so highly; the Aglianico has been subjected to close Scientific Studies, which have pointed out the best clones that provided excellent results.

When all the components have reached the right ripeness level, Grapes are harvested by hands, and then out in boxes. Then Wine still with its dregs, is put in Barriques where it refines for several months. After it is bottled, the Wine refines itself for other months in bottles, in our cool Cellars.

Il Viola Aglianico del Vulture 2009
Rosso di Costanza Aglianico del Vulture 2007


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