Our history


The balance between tradition, research and application of advanced techniques make the Cantina Valerio some sort of factory motivated by the continuous pursuit of sophisticated techniques that do not deviate from the ever-depth knowledge of the terroir and the desire to restore and enhance local vines.

Although the company, founded in 2004, has a young history, actually a heart preserves and enhances remote back in time also binds to the company existing since 1972, in the vineyards of Prince John Pignatelli, Casato present since seventeenth century. in Monteroduni.

The attention devoted to ancient vines and the area, which had once enjoyed fame for its vineyards and its wines, it becomes the stimulus and the spirit that animates the family first and then Antonio Valerio Valerio that will give life to the recovery area Macchia di Isernia and the production of wines that are already in the name of an act of gratitude addressed to the history of the place.

Our philosophy


The goal is to enhance the indigenous grapes of this region, such as Montepulciano Tintilia but also that for centuries is grown on these hills and Falanghina is an integral part of the story enografica, preserve the ancient traditions, emphasizing the simplicity through knowledge, methods and make contemporary. It is very ancient art, wine, in this land: a pillar of the Roman era testifies to its presence since the first century. A.C. It follows the progress, the possibilities offered by technology that does not affect the process rural, but rather exalt him.

Man, history, authentic land, the desire to tell a passion. The production moves from here: the roots continue to play an important role in the production philosophy without inhibiting the desire to experiment and innovate. From the vineyards of measured extension, acclimated for centuries on the hills, take the form wines telling a new wine project: return to the territory of uncompromising quality. Quality always. A mission that is realized in the search for a balance between the more sophisticated techniques applied to the product of a territory whose real strength is the identity.

Fannia Falanghina IGT Terre degli Osci 2011
Sannazzaro Rosso del Molise DOC 2010
Calidio Rosso del Molise DOC 2010


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