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Our disposition for viticulture and winemaking is primeval, almost subconscious. Yet it is precise, sound. Built on practical experience, reinforced by hope, confirmed by success. For wine is not the fruit of chance. It is the magic concurrence of a series of actions that follow the rhythm of the climate – and thus time – rooted in the earth, strengthened by man’s will. Unfading, unparalleled elements. The Cesconi family possesses the strength of patience. And the experience of the strong.

Confirmed vintners, producing wine as far back as 1751, when wine was a balm for the seemingly hopeless exertions of hard work. Favourable harvests, encouraging signs, letting time take its course. Interpreting the climate – the vineyards exposed to the sun and brushed by the wind blowing from Lake Garda that can be thought to connect the two distant areas: the lower Sarca area to the hills above Pressano and Lavis, the breeze tamed by the Brenta Dolomites and the Paganella – and adapting the land. Where the new generation of the Cesconi family now work with renewed enthusiasm. Respecting our ancestors’ temperament.

So, you will find the vineyards next to the new winery, on the slope facing the Valle di Cembra, neat and precise vine-rows embedded in the landscape protected by the Paganella – a mountain that is the symbol of Trentino’s multi-faceted nature making it a land suited for viticulture and winemaking. And then – respecting the individual environmental features and the family’s carefully considered agronomic choices – the Dro vineyard rows, in the Valle dei Laghi, tempered by the Garda Lake nearby and connected symbolically to Pressano through the beneficial strength of the Ora, the afternoon wind that blows from the Garda coast.

Two areas, quite different in their nature but farmed purposely to produce wines that are equally dissimilar. The white grape varieties are planted only high on the slopes where the land is raised above the ancestral confluence between the Adige and Avisio rivers. While the vineyards set aside for long-lived red wines have their vines rooted in clay, silt and sand derived from the Garda Lake.

Two viticultural contexts so dissimilar to be unique.

In the same way, the passion for winemaking that inspires the Cesconi family is truly unique . . .

Prabi 2010

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Gewurtzraminer 2010


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