Moro di Rinaldini

The winery

Over the years has expanded to new areas and cellars, a throw is dedicated to the housing of farm implements, ultra-modern and recently renewed, a wine cellar is intended for vinification and processing and another bottling and packaging.

All are equipped with modern and advanced equipment, so as to maintain the level of quality as high as possible, not forgetting the tradition and teachings based on experience. In the company were two cellars hollowed subterranean branching off to 1,000 square meters.

The first was staged in French oak barrels barrel with Alie and acacia, where seasoned finest wines. The second, completely underground, is a real "cave" of champagne, where they are aged bottles of sparkling wine and will manually riddling. In the same lie the wine cellars for the aging in the bottle before being put on the market. In the century-old barn at times, where once they kept the cows for the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano, there is now a tasting counter and point of sale products, framed by ancient wine-making equipment and peasants.

The production comes exclusively from our vineyards extend over 15 hectares, which are grown on alluvial soils mixed gravel, spurred cordon, high density of plants per hectare and low yield, with underground drip system for irrigation. For their protection and respect of nature, we use modern machinery, which provide only small amounts of pesticides are compatible with the environment. The composition is growing variety of highly selected and wisely than 60,000 strains, as well as to express the highest qualitative detection in wine and then be able to fully enjoy.

The Rinaldini story

Our farm was established in the late sixties by his father Rinaldo Rinaldini, which at the time was a popular restaurant with the family, in which wines and cold cuts were made by hand and where the dishes were served the most authentic Emilian cuisine.

The fund company is located halfway between Reggio Emilia and Parma, at the foot of the hills Matildiche. The love for the land, admiration and knowledge of the rites "Champagne" grew with time and it was this that brought our family to be the winemakers.

Thanks to the technique and curiosity, it was decided to save ancient vines, otherwise doomed to extinction. In a few years it was thus demonstrated, such as land and vines battered by the producers and forgotten by the masters of wine culture, true miracles can be born.

Even today, the business has retained its family character, in fact to manage the entire cycle of transformation, from the grape to the bottle, takes care of Paola Rinaldini Melegari with her husband Mark and son Luke, the latter is responsible for more than the care of the vineyards. The cellar has been converted from an old farmhouse in 1884 that stands at the center of the vineyards.

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